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Why do we crave chocolate?

Excessive desire to eat cheese; It may indicate a lack of fat ratio in the diet, as well as an indicator of calcium deficiency.

Why do we want sweet and chocolate so bad

We all crave sometimes chocolate, sometimes coffee, sometimes salty foods more. In some periods, we consume more foods for no reason. Consuming more than normal amount of food may actually indicate a deficiency of some vitamins and minerals in our body. Nutritionist Omur Karamahmut in Liv Hospital declares:

Excessive desire to eat cheese; It may indicate a lack of fat ratio in the diet, as well as an indicator of calcium deficiency.

The most common cause of overeating red meat is iron deficiency. Red meat is also a source of B12, an essential vitamin. If you are a vegetarian but want to consume red meat, iron and B12 supplements can be used.

Sometimes, our body wants to taste more interesting things other than food. Mud and soil are examples of these. This condition usually occurs in pregnant women and children. It is associated with anemia. Anemia is caused by insufficient iron, B12 and folate deficiency. The excessive desire to eat sweets and chocolate can be associated with various reasons. Eating extreme amount of sweet foods may be due to zinc, magnesium, and chromium deficiency. Consuming chromium supplements daily balances insulin levels and suppresses the cravings for excess sugar.

The desire to eat chocolate increases especially in women during the menstrual period. The tendency towards sugar and chocolate is also prone to low-calorie diets or long-term hunger. But apart from these, excessive chocolate consumption may be an indicator of magnesium mineral deficiency. Magnesium deficiency affects sleep patterns negatively, making the person tired. It increases the stress level. This increases the tendency towards sugar and chocolate.

If you do not like egg white but need to consume more, this may be a sign of biotin deficiency. Biotin is one of the vitamins that have many functions in the body. Biotin is needed especially for nail and hair health.

Excessive consumption of tea and coffee may be an indicator of phosphorus deficiency, as well as sodium and iron deficiency.

Excessive alcohol consumption may be the result of potassium, calcium, and gultamine deficiencies. The desire to consume excessive fruits and vegetables is a sign of vitamin C deficiency.

Consuming too much fatty and fried products more than normal may be an indication of the deficiency of omega fatty acids in our body.

Consuming too much acidic and carbonated beverages can be a sign of calcium deficiency in our body.


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