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What should be considered most during pregnancy | Drink water, do exercise

This summer is very hot and therefore care must be taken in many issues such as clothing, nutrition and sleep.

Summer heat is forcing us all. During this period, pregnant women experience greater difficulties. Dr. Arzu Değirmenci Akar presents golden suggestions for pregnant women to spend the summer months in good shape.

This summer is very hot and therefore care must be taken in many issues such as clothing, nutrition and sleep. Pregnant women, on the other hand, need to pay more attention to themselves in order not to experience great troubles and not to encounter dangerous situations. During pregnancy, there are changes in the veins for feeding the baby. Therefore, the mother’s blood pressure decreases. Body temperature is higher due to the speed of metabolism. Therefore, pregnant women may have difficulty tolerating heat. Op. Dr. Arzu Degirmenci Akar underlines that the need for water will increase with sweating in the summer month.  

Dr. Degirmenci indicates: “The thing that balances the blood pressure best is pure water. If pregnant women do not consume enough fluid, their blood pressure decreases. In this case, the baby cannot get enough blood and nutrients, oxygen cannot be carried. If this low blood pressure lasts for a long time, it may harm the baby. For this reason, at least 12 glasses of pure water should be consumed daily in summer. You can make it enjoyable by putting fresh mint lemon and orange slices into the water. You can also adjust the amount of water you drink by roughly looking at the color of your urine.

“If the urine color is dark, we should drink more water.”

Have water and raw nuts with you when you go out

Underlining that the consumption of tea and coffee will increase urine output and leave the body dehydrated, Op. Dr. Arzu Değirmenci Akar continues his words as follows:

“It should not be consumed because it is made from acidic-carbonated beverages. A bottle of plain soda per day is beneficial in terms of liquid electrolyte balance. When you go out, you should definitely have water with you, raw nuts against sudden blood sugar levels to drop and black raisins with seeds. In addition, if you take water or soda in spray bottles with you, you can relax by spraying it on your face and neck.”

Excessive consumption of white flour, sugary foods and salt increase edema. However, not consuming salt at all damages health and lowers blood pressure as much as excessive salt consumption. Doctor Akar, who recommends that pregnant women consume 1 teaspoon of iodized crystal rock salt a day, recommends that pregnant women consume plenty of vegetables and 3 punch fruits the size of their fist instead of high fat and calorie foods.

Warm shower is good before go to bed

Dr. Arzu Degirmenci Akar draws attention to the significance of sleep for pregnant women and also highlights that have a nice rest and sleep reduce stress level  and appetite suppressants, and also cause provide proper hormone secretion. Dr. Akar also suggests to pregnant women who do not want to face sleeping problems:

“After a 45-minute walk to make it easier to sleep in the evening, it would be good to take a warm shower. When the feet and legs are very swollen, you can rest your feet by putting some lavender oil into the water. Swelling can be prevented by lifting your legs up and resting them. In addition, the environment you sleep in should be cool and ventilated. If you do not have problems such as asthma or respiratory infection, you can use air conditioning.”

Choose places that do not exceed the height while swimming

Exercise is of great importance in all periods of pregnancy. Dr. Arzu Değirmenci Akar explains that pregnant women may prefer evening or morning hours when the temperature is not too high for exercise. Furthermore, Dr. Akar underlines that low-heeled sneakers should be used while walking in order to avoid back pain. Dr. Akar also reminds that swimming is one of the ideal exercises for pregnant women. Dr. Akar continues his words as follows:

“The places that do not exceed the length should be preferred for swimming and should not be swimming alone. If there is any doubt about pool cleaning and chlorination, swimming in the sea should be preferred, swimwear should be changed and not to stay wet. Plenty of water should be consumed before and after walking and swimming, take a shower several times a day with warm water to avoid the overwhelming effect of the heat. One should not go out as much as possible between 11.00-15.00, when the sunbeam is the most intense, and if so, hat and glasses should be seared and to be stayed in the shade.”

No long journeys preferred in the last three months of pregnancy

Dr. Arzu Degirmenci Akar recommends that pregnant women wear sweat-absorbent, comfortable, cotton and light-colored clothes that reflect the heat. Dr. Akar also reminds us that there is a tendency for the formation of dark spots in pregnancy, especially the face area should be protected with high factor sunscreens.

“Vitamin D synthesized by sunlight is very important for the brain development of babies and as well as pregnant women. Dr. Akar says that since vitamin D is synthesized only during the hours when the sunbeam is upright, between 11.00-15.00, white skinned people can sunbath for 15-20 minutes and dark skinned people can sunbath for 20-30 minutes without sunscreen. Dr. Akar states that long trips should not be preferred in the last three months of pregnancy, and air travel should be preferred in compulsory situations. Dr. Akar expresses “You can travel maximum 6-8 hours in a day by car. To prevent clotting, breaks should be taken every 3 hours to increase blood circulation.”


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