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What are the ways to lose weight fast?


What are the ways to lose weight fast?

You can increase the quality of your regular exercise by creating an oxygenated environment in the body. In this way, you can have the chance to look much slimmer. Drinking 250 ml of water every 20 minutes during the exercise will also enable you to do the exercise longer. In order to lose weight fast, we recommend you not to forget that afternoon meal is the healthiest alternative.

How many meals should I eat to lose weight fast?

Generally, the rule that individuals try to apply to lose weight is the 6 meal rule. However, healthy individuals never need 6 meals. Because eating frequently suppresses some hormones, especially leptin, which is the satiety hormone, and creates an extraordinary imbalance in the body’s insulin balance, revealing the urge to eat. The number of meals for a balanced diet for rapid weight loss is 4. You can lose weight fast with breakfast, lunch, afternoon and dinner. If you take care to eat at least 3 hours, maximum 6 hours between meals, your metabolism is regulated and the body accelerates weight loss by establishing energy balance.

Does drinking too much water make you lose weight?

We would like to explain to you one more diet lie that you hear all the time. Even if an overweight person eats a healthy diet, he cannot lose weight by drinking liters of water a day. The purpose of drinking water is to maintain body water balance and to provide your body to function normally. It is enough to drink 8 glasses of water a day. However, if you want to increase fat burning, not lose weight, I recommend you to drink at least 13 glasses of water. In order not to decrease your body resistance while losing weight, you can drink maximum 2 teacups of black tea a day. For the continuity of our metabolic movements, I recommend that you drink a maximum of 5 cups of green tea. Here is another key point! Do not believe those who say don’t drink coffee. Drinking up to 4 cups of filtered coffee a day will accelerate your weight loss. The ingredients called cafeol and cafestol will help you lose a healthy weight.

Suggestion: You should drink these drinks at least 1 hour after the meal. Thus, their nutritional value is not lost.

Walking is one of the practical ways to lose weight.

The biggest mistake many people make when losing weight is taking fast walks. If you want to keep losing weight and want to look slimmer, prefer walking at a slow pace. With a slow paced long walk, you will burn 70 percent more fat than a normal exercise. My suggestion is to walk on the treadmill for a minimum of 70 minutes, at least 4.0, at most 5.2 levels. With the help of your healthy diet, you will easily get rid of the fat accumulated in the hip, abdomen and hips by doing physical activity 4 times a week.

Use oxygen effective and lose more weight

If you want to burn your fat mass while exercising, you should definitely develop a technique that will provide you to consume plenty of oxygen. The easiest way to do this is to just breathe through the nose during exercise.

Eat no more than 15 pistachios

What you eat with snacks becomes important in losing weight. Pistachio, which is an excellent source of copper and manganese in 1 snack, is one of the rare foods that can easily get you to the satisfaction point even with such little food.

Another effective suggestion for weight loss is to reduce salt!

One of the most important nutritional mistakes is using too much salt in meals. Many people add salt to foods, thinking that their salt needs are coming, contrary to popular belief. In fact, you meet your daily salt intake with food. Remember, 1 gram of salt holds approximately 200-250 ml of water in the body.

Eating high protein at noon and vegetables in the evening speeds up your weight loss.

When we look at those who lose weight, we usually see that they eat vegetables both at noon and in the evening. Often they try to achieve success by eating two protein-rich meals. But if you eat vegetables in two meals, there will be fatigue, loss of hair and eyebrows and decrease in attention after a short while, and the weight loss process will pause after 3-5 weeks. Do not do this! If you eat two meals with only meat and its varieties, which are rich in protein, your weight loss will be slightly more than vegetables. Eat vegetables, yoghurt, bread and salad at noon, fish or chicken and bread very small portion.

Eating different foods in breakfast every day increases weight loss speed

In studies conducted, eating different foods both removes the monotony and enables the consumption of foods you like. Furthermore, researchers have proven that different foods have different benefits beyond these two moods. Unfortunately, consuming the same foods do not cause weight loss. This variety, which you can make in just one meal, will play a key role in losing weight fast.

What should be done to lose weight fast?

Those who say “even if I drink water, I get fat”, measure your metabolic rate. You are constantly on a diet but you cannot lose weight… You eat the same meals as other members of your family, but you are the only weight gain among them and you think that everything you eat comes back as excess weight. The way to get out of this situation is to learn the real speed of your metabolism first.

The ideal diet should be planned according to your metabolic rate.

In order to achieve weight loss in an ideal way, the nutrition of the individual should be planned according to the “Basal Metabolic Rate”. Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR); It means the energy spent on the maintenance of basic metabolic events (such as respiration, circulation, gastrointestinal activities, muscle tone, body temperature) under basal conditions and the maintenance of functions of various organs (kidney, liver and endocrine glands). If the person is fed below BMR, water and muscle loss occurs instead of ideal fat loss, which causes the person to lose weight in an unhealthy way, thus decreasing the quality of life day by day. Weight gain is inevitable for people who are weakened in this way.

You may not be able to lose weight even if you are constantly on a diet.

People who constantly diet, try to control their weight, but believe that they are constantly gaining weight are actually unaware that their metabolic rate is slow. Everyone’s metabolism is different. Here, among the factors that determine the metabolic rate; Age, gender, body weight, body size and composition, hormones, diseases, menopause, various medications used, diet and physical activity play a major role. Therefore, the person should have their metabolic rate measured before losing weight. In many centers, metabolic rate is calculated by formulating in body analysis devices. However, this may not show the exact metabolic rate. There may be a calculation error of up to 500 calories.

It should not be forgotten that; if the person is fed in accordance with his metabolism; they lose fat instead of muscle and water, regains their ideal weight, provides better body functions and brings the quality of life closer to perfection.

What are the fast weight loss methods?

There are more than one way to lose weight, of course, and the recommendations change and renew day by day. We have compiled the most important ones for you. Don’t say “cliché” or “out of date”, please listen.

1- Pay attention to your intestines

2- Approach weight loss like a job

3- Let your diet suit you

4- Quality, not quantity

5- Make sure your program allows you to burn fat without reducing your muscle tissue.

6- The success of this diet is that it consists entirely of calories that will provide you with the energy you need.


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