Which fish should be consumed in which month?

Did you know that the flavors and nutritiousness of fish are different in terms of their species?

Fish freshness is very important

It loses its freshness shortly after the fish is caught. Therefore, when buying fish, it should be paid attention to its freshness. The pupils of fresh fish are curved outward, while the pupils of stale fish are collapsed and dull.

Even though there are cold storages that preserve the freshness of the fish, these features should be considered.

In addition, when you press and lift your hand on fresh fish, no scar will occur. However, when you press and lift your hand on the stale fish, the trace remains, the fish cannot return to its former shape.

Pay attention to the cooking method

İçeriğindeki sağlıklı yağların bozulmaması ve fazla yağ tüketiminden kaçınmak için balığı yağda kızartmak yerine haftada en az iki kez fırında, ızgara veya buğulama olarak tüketmeyi tercih edin.

Fish meat, which contains less fat and saturated fat than red meat and chicken meat, is a very rich food in terms of omega 3 as well as quality proteins, vitamins and minerals.

It is not right to expect a cure from anchovies and bonito consumed outside of winter, bluefish and mullet consumed in summer.

Instead, a turbot that we can eat towards the end of winter, sea bass and whiting to be eaten in the spring season, bream that we can eat towards the end of the summer season will be a much healthier and correct choice for us.

January: The most delicious fish of this month are mackerel, bluefish, bonito and horse mackerel. Small red mullet, mullet and swallow are the fishes that experience the most abundant period in January.

February: It is the beginning of the Kalkan season. Red mullet, anchovy, sea beam, turbot, gray mullet and sea bass are delicious in February.

March: Sea beams, whiting, turbot, goby, haddock, mullet, sea bass, catfish are among the delicious and abundant fish of March.

April: Sea beams, turbot, red mullet, sea bass, gray mullet and goby are delicious. Turbot, sea bass and coral are the most caught fish in April.

May: Sea beams, haddock, sea bass and goby are the most delicious fish. May is a very rich in terms of sea creatures and fish. Red mullet, lobster, sea bass, mullet, sole, crab, swordfish, swallow, shrimp, and scorpion can be eaten in May.

June: Coral, leerfish, goby, myrtle, tuna, grouper, sardines are among the fish that can be consumed this month.

July: Sardines, bluefish, yellowfish, leerfish, tuna and goby are the most delicious fish of this month. Horse mackerel is very delicious.

August: Small bluefish, goby, tuna and bonito are delicious. Horse mackerel is again the most delicious fish.

September: Swordfish and sardines are still delicious. Bluefish, mackerel, sea beams, red mullet, blue fish, mackerel, swordfish, and swallow are also hunted in September.

October: It is one of the liveliest months of the fish season. Red mullet, sea bream, swordfish, sea bass, bluefish, mullet, sardine, bonito, grouper, and shaca are delicious. It is the most delicious time of bonito.

November: Bluefish, bonito, grouper, sarcophagus, mullet, toric, mackerel, mullet, carp, broadcast are delicious. November and December are the most delicious time of bluefish. November is the most intense time of the toric flow.

December: Mackerel, bluefish and bonito are delicious. Red mullet is hunted in abundance and this is when the anchovies are completely delicious.


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